Launch of Discussion Material

The project will be publicly launched on Wednesday February 22, 2017, at 6pm, in the Sydney Trades Hall Auditorium.

The topics of the 11 Discussion Starters and Video clips are:

  • How do we get an economy that protects and restores the natural environment?
  • How do we get a fairer distribution of income and wealth?
  • Women and Economic Inequality
  • Let’s Make Trade Fair
  • How do we make Education work as a Public Good?
  • A Peoples Alternative to Aboriginal Policy
  • Ideas for a Fairer Tax System
  • Ensuring a Diverse Economy - Rethinking Industry Policy
  • What can we do to have Secure Jobs and Fair, Safe Workplaces?
  •  Let’s make Income Support and Social Welfare reduce Inequality
  • A Fair Go for Migrants and Temporary Migrant Workers