Common Action

Common Action arose from the National Left Conference held at UTS on April 6-7 2013.

Read the conference statement here. Common Action was set up following this resolution:

The left groups which organised this conference are urged to become a formal network with regular meetings after the 2013 federal election, to coordinate campaigns and education on the priorities we are adopting, and to publish a short ‘vision for the future’ to project the conference workshop outcomes.

To deepen our capacity, the network will organise joint training initiatives for union, political, student, ecology and community activists, sponsored and funded by organisations which join this network. Training will include understanding of the global economic and ecological crisis and how a steady state economy might be developed.

National Left Conference Document

Document produced by the National Left Conference held at UTS, Sydney 6-7 April 2013.

Produced by Search Foundation

National Left Conference Statement

secure jobs in a green future ...

Conference Statement

Unite the left to defeat corporate power and win a better world

Austerity, union busting, disempowerment and accelerating climate change are the policies coming from corporate capitalism in Europe and North America as the global capitalist crisis continues. Democracy itself has been usurped in Greece as technocrats impose these harsh policies on behalf of the big financial corporations who created the crisis in the first place. The fascist right is emerging as a political force and as a violent threat as social conflict deepens.

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